7 weeks pregnant

The biggest news this week is that your baby’s hand and feet are forming from developing arms and legs. Although, at this point, they look more like paddles rather than the tiny fingers and toes you may be daydreaming about tickling and holding. Technically, the baby is considered as still an embryo and has a small tail-like extension of the tailbone which will disappear in the coming few weeks.

Generally in 7 weeks pregnant, the baby has doubled in size since the previous week and measures about half an inch long. A closer look at the embryo reveals peepers partially covered in eyelid folds, the tip of the nose as well as tiny veins within the very thin skin. The brain of the baby is growing, and the kidney is producing the red blood cells in place of the bone marrow which has not yet been formed. The baby also has a pancreas which will later produce insulin to aid in digestion and also an appendix. A loop of your baby’s growing intestine is bulging into the umbilical cord which now has blood vessels to carry oxygen and nutrients to and from the tiny body.
For the women, by now, you should probably be aware that you are expectant, but some may not know for sure until around this week. On the outside, you don’t look pregnant at all yet but, the uterus has doubled in size over the past five weeks and eating now feels like a huge task or even worse thanks to the morning sickness that may be starting to set in. Your breast is also growing, and the bra may feel a little tighter now. The increasing blood volume, as well as the growing uterus pressuring your bladder, may make you want to pee more than usual.
From now on, it is a good time to start visiting your healthcare provider or join in baby forum for your prenatal appointments or you can read more about 7 weeks pregnant here.