Getsnappic The Best Ipad Photo Booth App

As an event manager who has to work on several different events at the same time you may find that setting up photo booths for them can be a challenge – how do you make sure that each one is going flawlessly? That is where Snappic comes in. It is the ultimate ipad photo booth software. It comes loaded with features that make your work a lot smarter, efficient and you get top quality photos at all your events.

photo booth wedding
With Snappic you can control all your events through a cloud. You will be able to track progress and make tweaks if they are needed, giving you better quality photos. The software can be set up in minutes so that you will have a photo booth going in a short time, leaving you to focus on other aspects of your event. You can also customize photo templates, emails, sms’s and microsites.

Snappic has GIF which allows you to compile your photo into a single animation that you can share with all your guests online. This way they can print out any photo that they like, and they will have the photos on their devices forever. They can even upload them to their own clouds. You can also choose Greenscreen and Burst, features that allow you to play with the backgrounds of photos so that you can give them a wow factor. You will be able to gather statistics so that you can improve event photography in the future.

You can even make yourself extra income with this photo software. On their site you will find a tab that allows you to join as a reseller – for each package that you sell you will earn a commission. If you already know other event planners why not sell to them and make yourself a tidy sum?

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