Different Types of safari packages


If you are looking for the time of your life then look no further than AFRICA4US The African mainlands are home to some of the most amazing species of animal in the world. On a safari trip you get to see these majestic and often times huge animals in their natural habitat. In addition to that, you get to see some of Africa’s extreme landmarks such as Victoria Falls, the highest waterfall in the entire world. Also, Price is no concern as you can enjoy a safari trip no matter your budget. There are three packages including budget, average, and premium. Below is a list of the different types of safari packages to Africa


Types of Safari Packages

    • Budget
    • Average
    • Premium




The budget package will ensure that you see the wild animals in the safari as well as many other things. This is offered at an incredibly low price and is available to almost anyone due to the low rates. Budget also includes air fair in its price in order to further lower your costs and get you to Africa to see its amazing natural wonders.



The average package is the next level up from the budget package. With the average package ,you will get to do everything that is offered in the budget package plus more. The average package usually includes additional items such as seeing natural wonders(Ex. Victoria Falls) and getting to explore deeper into the Safari.




The premium package is the best package offered amongst the different types of safari packages offered. With the premium package you get the full amount of exposure possible and every bonus that is achievable while still presering 100% safety at the same time.




Taking an African safar will be the tip of a lifetime. When it comes to wild life and natural wonders, no place compares to Africa see aFRICA4US VIDEO

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