What to Engrave On a Medical Alert Bracelet

If you suffer from a chronic illness it is important that you wear a medical alert bracelet. These bracelets give first responders information that can save your life in case you are unconscious. There are different types of medical bracelets that you can buy so you will choose one that best fits your overall style. In fact, you can even get them as necklaces, pendants and even watches. Different bracelets come with different amounts of characters you can engrave so you should also take this into account when you buy yours. Here is the most important information that you should have on your bracelet:

• List the condition from which you suffer. If you suffer more than one you should buy a bracelet with more character spaces so that you can list everything.

• If you have any allergies you should make sure to list them.

• If you are taking any medications, especially blood thinners list them on your bracelet.

• Write down one emergency contact and make sure to choose someone who can be reached quickly.

• If the bracelet is for a child include “If lost please contact….” Before your contact number.

• Many people do not list their names on medical bracelets but you should if there is enough space. Sometimes during emergencies wallets are lost and first responders or the hospital will have a hard time tracking down relatives.

• It would be great to have a medical card in your wallet in addition to your medical bracelet. It allows you to give more comprehensive information about your condition. If you have one you can include on your bracelet: see wallet card.

You can also talk to your doctor about what you should have engraved on your medical bracelet – he may have important information that he wants included.

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